Close’N’Air 2020: Waiting For The Cure

4.júla 2020 sa mnohí fanúšikovia mohli tešiť z účasti na jedinom tohtoročnom vystúpení The Cure, v poľskom Gdaňsku, na festivale Open´er. Keďže plány zmaril Covid-19 vírus, rozhodli sa poľskí fanúšikovia pre náhradnú online akciu. Viac v pôvodnej správe …

We’re organising a free online concert, a real must-see for any The Cure fan! This Saturday, 4th July. We invite all of you and all the fans from your fanpage. Let’s participate to show there are plenty of us! Please share this info on your fanpage. Thanks!

Enjoy a free online concert featuring songs from The Cure in a unique version!

The Cure’s one and only gig in Europe was cancelled. The pandemic closed all the events. On 4th July 2020, The Cure was to give a remarkable concert as the Open’er Festival headliner, and we were supposed to be there and feed our senses. However, against all odds, we’ve found a cure to this problem and songs by the legendary band will be heard on the planned date.

We invite you to the amazing online concert featuring 12 legendary The Cure’s hits performed by the Polish band Mariage.
To celebrate Robert Smith’s 40th birthday, in 1999 Mariage played a great gig in one of the Polish clubs. They are doing it again on 4th July!

We invite you to watch this event online, from your countries and cities all around the world! With this tangible gig we want to give you hope that everything will go back to normal soon…

It will not be a concert performed from the artists’ homes or from a small studio. It’s an online event, yet one organised with the full festival infrastructure. A full-sized stage located at the seaside, high quality sounding and lighting. Perfectly recreated mood of The Cure’s concerts.

Enjoy a free online concert.
We will share a link to the live stream very soon. Stay tuned!

Thank you,