Faith (1981)


Fiction Records, 14/04/1981

The holy hour / Primary / Other voices / All cats are grey /
The funeral party / Doubt / The drowning man / Faith


Primary  Charlotte Sometimes

Remasterd Edition, 26/04/2005

disc 1
The Holy Hour / Primary / Other Voices /
All Cats Are Grey / The Funeral Party / Doubt /
The Drowning Man / Carnage Visors / Faith

disc 2
Faith (RS home demo)
Doubt (RS home demo)
Drowning (group home demo)
The Holy Hour (group home demo)
Primary (studio out-take)
Going Home Time (studio out-take)
The Violin Song (studio out-take)
A Normal Story (studio out-take)
All Cats Are Grey (live)
The Funeral Party (live)
Other Voices (live)
The Drowning Man (live)
Faith (live)
Forever (live)
Charlotte Sometimes (single)