Pornography (1982)


Fiction Records, 04/05/1982

100 years / A short term effect / Hanging garden / Siamese twins /
The figurehead / A strange day / Cold / Pornography


Hanging Garden

Remastered Edition, 26/04/2005

disc 1
One Hundred Year / A Short Term Effect / The Hanging Garden /
Siamese Twins / The Figurehead / A Strange Day /
Cold / Pornography

disc 2
Break (group home demo)
Demise (studio demo)
Temptation (studio demo)
The Figurehead (studio demo)
The Hanging Garden (studio demo)
One Hundred Years (studio demo)
Airlock: The Soundtrack
Cold (live)
A Strange Day (live)
Pornography (live)
All Mine (live)
A Short Term Effect (live)
Siamese Twins (live)
Temptation Two (aka lgtb) (RS studio demo)