SIdeshow name: Sideshow
label: Fiction, 66275-2
release: 14/09/1993
tracklist: Tape / Just Like Heaven (live) / Fascination Street (live) / The Walk (live) / Let´s Go To Bed (live)
Lost Wishes name: Lost Wishes (MC EP)
label: Fiction, FICCS50 – Limited edition mail order only EP
release: 16/11/1993
tracklist: Uyea Sound / Cloudberry / Off To Sleep / The Three Sisters
 Out Of This World name: Out Of This World
label: Fiction, CURE2
release: 01/02/2000
tracklist: Out Of This World (radio edit) / Out Of This World (album version)
 Maybe Someday name: Maybe Someday
label: Fiction, CURE3
release: 29/02/2000
tracklist: Maybe Someday (radio edit) / Maybe Someday (hybrid mix) / Maybe Someday (dance mix) / Maybe Someday (accoustic mix)
Join The Dots name: Join The Dots (Box Set sampler)
label: Polydor
release: xx/12/2003
tracklist: Plastic Passion / Just One Kiss / A Man Inside My Mouth / Hey You! (Kevorkian Mix) / 2 Late / Harold&Joe / This Twilight Garden / Purple Haze / Ocean / More Than This / Maybe Someday (Accoustic) / Signal To Noise
 4 Play name: The Cure: 4 Play (Promo CD)
label: Fiction Records, CURECAT001
release: xx/05/2005
tracklist: 10:15 Saturday Night / Subway Song (live) / A Forest / At Night (live) / Primary / The Funeral Party (live) / The Hanging Garden / A Short Term Effect (live)