Singles 1997 – 2008

Five Swing Live name: Five Swing Live EP
label: Fixcd.com1
release: 10/06/1997 – strictly limited edition (5000 copies)
tracklist: Want / Club America / Mint Car / Trap / Treasure
 Wrong Number name: Wrong Number
label: Fiction, FICMC54/FICCD54
release: 14/10/1997
tracklist: Wrong Number (single mix) / Wrong Number (analogue exchange mix) / Wrong Number (p2p mix) / Wrong Number (crossed line mix) / Wrong Number (isdn mix)
 Cut Here name: Cut Here
label: Fiction, FICCD55
release: 16/10/2001
tracklist: Cut Here / Signal To Noise / Cut Here (Missing mix) / Cut Here (video)
Just Say Yes name: Just Say Yes
label: Fiction, FICCD 56
release: 18/12/2001
tracklist: Just Say Yes / Just Say Yes (Acoustic Version)
Pictures Of You name: Pictures Of You
label: Rhino Records, R2 78039
release: 06/01/2004
tracklist: Pictures Of You / Fear Of Ghosts
 Drugon Hunters Song name: Dragon Hunters Song
label: Universal
release: 06/04/2004
tracklist: The Dragon Hunters Song
The End Of The World name: The End Of The World
label: Geffen Records, 602498629758
release: 05/07/2004
tracklist: The End Of The World (radio edit) / This Morning / Fake
Alt.End name: Alt.End
label: Geffen Records, 602498643808
release: 12/10/2004
tracklist: Alt.End (radio edit) / Why Can´t I Be Me? / Your God Is Fear
Taking Off name: Taking Off
label: Geffen Records, 602498644911
release: 18/10/2004
tracklist: Taking Off (radio edit) / Why Can´t I Be Me? / Your God Is Fear / Taking Off (video)
 From Festival 2005 (Live Audio Version) - EP name: From Festival 2005 (Live Audio Version) – EP
label: iTunes, 602517143951d
release: 26/12/2006
tracklist: alt.end / Push / Inbetween Days
The Only One name: The Only One
label: Geffen Records
release: 13/05/2008
tracklist: The Only One (mix 13) / NY Trip
Freakshow name: Freakshow
label: Geffen Records
release: 13/06/2008
tracklist: Freakshow (mix 13) / All Kinds Of Stuff
 Sleep When I´m Dead name: Sleep When I´m Dead
label: Geffen Records
release: 13/07/2008
tracklist: Sleep When I´m Dead (mix 13) / Down Under
The Perfect Boy name: The Perfest Boy
label: Geffen Records
release: 13/08/2008
tracklist: The Perfect Boy (mix 13) / Without You
 Hypnagogic States EP name: Hypnagogic States EP
label: Geffen Records
release: 13/09/2008
tracklist: The Only One (Remix 4) / Freakshow (Wolves at the Gate Remix) / Sleep When I´m Dead (Remix 4) / The Perfect Boy (Remix 4) / Exploding Head Syndrome